A New Thrilling Adventure at Zoobic Safari

Zoobic Safari, Philippine’s first and only tiger safari sizzles up with a thrill of its newest attractions; The Forbidden Cave and the Zoobic Cave. Inside the Forbiden Cave, expect to go through a forest with two waterfalls, and aetas spitting fire with shaking hanging bridge that will truly excite the guests in a walk through attraction.

Witness an array of real exotic stuffed animals in their natural habitat complete with waterfalls and a pond in Zoobic Cave. These added attractions are designed to provide Zoobic Safari visitors with a wide range of entertainment and educational features in a fun filled experience.

Zoobic Safari boasts of ten unique attractions, namely: Tiger Safari, Close Encounter, Savannah, Aetas’ Trail, Croco Loco, Rodent World, Hip Hop Bay-a-wak, Serpentarium, Zoobic Park  and Muzooeum.

On a weekends and holidays, Zoobic Safari stages an amazing animal show and parade, it features farm and exotic animals with colorful costumes riding in beautifully decorated carts, now with more animal participants such as flying pigeons, guinea fowls etc.